Bioart and Bacteria – The Artwork of Anna Dumitriu

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Bioart and Bacteria – The Artwork of Anna Dumitriu

Anna’s latest show as Wellcome Trust

If your an art science fan then one of the most prolific artists in the UK is Anna Dumitriu focusing on BioArt. The thing I like about her art is that is doesn’t just use Science as a topic but she really knows her science, pulls it apart, builds new tools for science discovery, pushes it and builds new dialogue. I saw her do a talk at Cranfield University about how she was using bacteria as a source of communication and remember being memorised and thinking I would love do that. I managed to trouble her for a conversation at Science Arts day in Leeds, Anna is fascinating. Also check out an arts organisation ‘The Institute of Unnecessary Research…..She is an Professor/Wizard of Arts BioScience.


  1. Edna says:

    This is really something!