Apollo…..the musical

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After my recent visit to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida I have been a little obsessed with these space missions. This was an immense achievement (at one point there was 400,000 people working on the Apollo mission at one time). Me and boss said that this probably only compares to the Human Genome Project in our lifetime (he can say that as he worked on it). Anyway, our old friend Brian Eno and pals originally worked on music to go with some of the Apollo footage reshowing intercalated with the music ensemble Icebreaker and their interpretation and new Apollo album release at the Science Museum in London in November 2012. Im going to really try to go. Click here for footage

“Brian Eno,Roger Eno and Daniel Lanois’ landmark ambient release of 1983 was first performed live by Icebreaker ensemble at the Science Museum in 2009 in an arrangement devised by Woojun Lee, for the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. This performance now arrives on record just after the death of Neil Armstrong, a fitting epitaph for moonage daydreams.”
Uncut, November 2012